Lovely, Lazy Saturday

Today was a gift to myself. After a hectic week I decided to lay low and recharge my batteries. I read, flipped through magazines, pinterest boards, and blogs. There may have even been a nap wedged in there somewhere. And all of it was without purpose–heavenly!

Here are a few of the gems I dug up during my delightful day. I hope you find them as whimsical and enjoyable as I did.

Today’s Inspiration

Chameleonic chronicles the work of Justyna, a stylist based out of Ottawa, ON–she’s proof that Canadians are stylish! If you’re digging her blog, I also highly recommend checking out her curation on Pinterest. I’m really hooked on her jewelry display board!


Meghan Johnson’s Soulshine Traveler is all kinds of inspiring. Not only are the photos gorgeous, but her “I ditched a crappy job to travel the world” story is one I downright envy. (And thanks to Meghan I’m working on my own bucket list for my blog. =)


Have I mentioned I’m a complete book addict/geek/lover? Imagine, then, how I reacted to this gem of a post from the TED Blog6 talks to watch for Book Lovers Day. Don’t mind if I do!


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